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Welcome to Babalú, South Africa.

Every woman has the right to feel beautiful, even while going about those not-so-glamourous activities that causes you to huff and puff and perhaps break a sweat.

We would like to present to you: Babalú - Sexy and exclusive active wear designed to flatter your figure! It doesn't matter whether you are getting into shape at the gym, walking around the park with your dogs or doing some fast-paced shopping, Babalú has the perfect outfit for you.

The Babalú collection is imported from Colombia and made from the finest smart fabrics to make you feel sexy and confident. It is not often that you get the perfect combination of comfort, support, elegance and quality in the same garment.

These unique designs are guaranteed to show off your figure in the best possible light. While the fabric nips and tucks in all the right places, the design helps to divert the eye towards something you'd rather show off.

What makes the fabric so special?

LYCRA® is a man-made elastane fiber. Never used alone, but always blended with other fibers, it has unique stretch and recovery properties. LYCRA® fiber adds comfort, fit, shape retention, durability and freedom of movement. This is achieved thanks to the unique properties of the fiber, which can be stretched up to seven times its initial length before springing back to the original position once tension is released. Our Lycra is blended with 94% cotton, combining the comfort of cotton with the stretch of Lycra.

SUPPLEX® is a fabric that has the feel of cotton and provides a superb smoothness. It is light weight, dries fast, wrinkle resistant and colours do not fade in the wash. New technology has produced colour fast fabrics that retain their vibrant colour like new and the texture maintains shine and resistance after numerous washes.

You will looked well dressed anytime and anywhere.
You will want to wear it every day.
Once you have tried Supplex you will be hooked.


  • It is a perfect fit for women
  • It never shrinks
  • It stretches up to 40% more than its original size
  • It gives support where needed
  • It is extremely comfortable
  • It returns to its original shape after wear
  • It hides cellulite and skin imperfections
  • It washes beautifully and never fades, it keeps it vibrant colour.
  • It wicks away moisture from the body, keeping you comfortable
  • Fabric dries quickly
  • Fully breathable and odour resistant

Smart Fabrics

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